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Hi all my music is made to help poor people and people in need anything i make from my music i share it with the poor if anyone book me for any event and I get money I share it with the poor please let me help to save your life, i was watching the television, and see some white poor people living on the street, i would love to help these white people, i am a very peaceful person, anyway before i get into any more details, i want to share with you how all my hip hop and rock and R&B songs will be composing, i will be putting some rhymes in them that have never been heard in any songs on planet earth before,for example the word dog have been use in many songs, but my Christmas song for example, when i just
Made it, these are the words that i use in the intro, about Christ I told kerry, perry,terry, berry, Jerry and i said to my self this was two easy,so i change it, and put in these rhymes words, ferry, merry, herry, nerry, and in the chorus i put, fus, cus, jus, now for example cus mean friend, and the word friend is a good word, but the word friend is use very regularly, so instead of saying friend i said cus, now in the verse of the Christmas song that I built for you, the first two rhyme words in the first verse are, bause and gause,now for example bause mean boss, etc but instead of using the word boss, that is use very regularly, i use a word that know one is expecting me to use, so when I say one thing it is very difficult to know what i am going to say next, only way someone can know what i am going to say next, they just have to listen, if you hear a word in my songs that you don't know, just Google it.all the lyric are written on the song on this page and please keep on visit my website, because for example i will be doing a lot of hip hop and rock music, and by January 2020 i will be adding more of my songs here, so please keep on visiting, please click my website link on this page, to hear my an original christmas song that i made for you, on a hip hop beat, make a joyful noise unto the Lord, some time Christ show me some personal things, and i also try to study his ways for example Christ hate violence, he reveal to me that he was going to destroy, a particular country, but he said when he look the following Sunday, and see the same people come out in their numbers to praise and worship him, he change his mind, this is saying one thing, Christ love praise, anyway did you know Jesus Christ is God? And a lot of churches is putting down Christ, saying he is not God, and leading people astray with their false religion, for example, Jehovah witness, come here Paul, come here David, which Paul i am talking about, or which David, the point is a lot of people name Paul and David, it would not sound proper for someone to have one name, but is Jesus Christ alone have the name Jesus Christ, the bible stated that God have many names for example, the rock, the lion, the first and the last, and many other names, thses are just titles, but the bible say there is one name that is above all other names,which is the name of Jesus Christ, the bible say baptize them in the name of i repeat, the name of, the name of the father, the name of the son, the name of the holy spirit, in acts the bible say you should baptize in Jesus Christ name because is the only name that can save you,the next thing witnesses are telling people that hell burning fire is not real,they said God is two Good to prepare such a place for people, i agree he is very good,better than any mother or father,but witness need to read the bible again,the holy bible, hey don't be trick, this is a trick from Satan,hell burning fire is very real, and anyone go there will be burning for ever,in the beginning, everything was perfect, no stress no killing no sicknesses, just peace and happiness, now Satan realized the woman was the weaker vessel, so he made his attract through her, and from Adam and eve disobeyed Christ, hell broke loose, a pastor told me that someone can marry, and divorce and marry again, because Moses say people can divoce but I told him, Christ said in the bible, because of the hardness of your heart, that's why moses said that, for example Moses know that some man are wicked and will beat their wife, or even go as far as kill them, but the truth is, Moses did not agree with divorce, this mean anyone marry, and divorce and marry again, and their wife or husband is still alive is going to hell,only way someone can marry, that was marry before, is if the husband died or the wife died, then they would be free to marry again, hey i am trying to help to save your life o.k, in revelation John was in the spirit, Christ can do what he want, how he want, and when he want, you have to be in the spirit to see spiritual things, and John say he saw one sitting on the thrown in heaven, not two or three, one, is only Christ have the title king of kings,father son and holy ghost is just a title, why do you think heaven is so peaceful? No sicknesses, no work no death no one want to die? etc is because they accepted Christ as their God and bottle the devil, on earth here is like hell, no love, I saw on instagram the other day, a photo with a man head foot hands cuts off, it was someone who did that, i form a band years ago, and i and the other member of the band decided to campaign against crime and violence, guest what happen? all of the band member died, some just went missing, now when I said died i meant they were kill by gangsters who felt offended that we were preaching against crime and violence, now the missing one i know that this is the act of Satan himself, did you know Satan is real? I saw Satan with my own two eye's this is no joke, but that is a story for a next time, anyway this is a reminder, please recall that we are all family, we were brought into this world captive by Satan, so let us unite and fight our way back home, when you see a falling brother or sister, please if you can give an helping hand please do so, i love to work, anyone who know me personally know that i love to work, and work hard, why i saying this is, is because a lot of time I see people in need and I help them, I did not say, God your servant need some money, and money started falling from the sky, these money that I give people, I have to work blood swet and tears to get it, sometime sleepless nights, the same way I can do it you can do it also, help the poor and needy you will be glad you did, we cannot carry anything with us, everything in this world is just for a time, Christ will return, he will be returning to destroy all banks cars money all kingdoms, and when he return there shall be a cry throughout the entire earth like never before, for example, a mother is gone to heaven, her daughters, sons grandchildren husband etc gone to hell, vice versa, this day is coming, but you can change the further, all good people will be change from mortal to immortal,no more death sickness crying etc God don't want anyway flesh and blood in heaven, there is no good in the flesh,all these billions of years trouble, there will be no sex in heaven, this mean sex is not that important. anyway please keep on visiting my personal website and my instagram page, and this bandcamp page, because i am going to be putting a lot of my music here, in a short period of time, I have a lot of hip hop and rock music that never been heard on planet earth before to release, for me though, its ten percent about money, and a million percent about Christ, God want us to keep our body which is the temple clean, and this takes money, and this is very beneficial, if i don't brush my death one day, I feel sick, and if I don't bathe I feel sick also, I am a big man now, and I don't have one rotten teeth,the condition of my teeth right now, I think I will be leaving this world with all of them, people say my teeth are white,I see people who don't have in their own death, eating and their false teeth break while eating, it's best when people take care of themselves, the sea never overflow its banks, the sun is so far away from us but it is so hot, it never stop shining, when its not shining one side of the earth, it is shining on the next,it never burn up, Christ made all these things, what a mighty God Christ is? He made the fruits, Christ sits on his heavenly thrown, looking throughout the entire earth, beholding the good and the evil, when someone display the act of faith, they get Christ full attention,and let Christ want to come closer to them, the closer Christ is to you, the more safe and protected you are,and the more bless you are, the blessing comes with a lot of great benefits, did you know before Adam and eve fall, people never even have to use the bathroom? that's how perfect humans were,anyway thanks for reading peace.


released October 25, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Christmas song

i put a fire on Satan ferry
i wish that your Christmas it is merry
i am God  nerry
And God herry


Burn Satan flowers give me God hibiscus
its Christmas burn Satan fus
You are my friend you are my cus
Burn Satan food and give me God Jus


God is more than a Bause
i burn Satan Gause
for all evil Satan is the cause
i am preaching it without pause
Merry Christmas to all Santa clause
Give Jesus a round of applause


Burn Satan flowers give me God hibiscus
its Christmas burn Satan fus
You are my friend you are my cus
Burn Satan flowers and give me God Jus


i am God homing
i am preparing for Jesus coming
i burn Satan you want see him running
He two wicked and daring and cunning
i burn Satan and i burn his bumming
Christmas song i keep singing and humming
Track Name: Jesus name mi a lift

Jesus christ said the war is not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high place's.
i use the word a God bomb up Satan base's
Jesus love white black all nations no races Case's


Jesus Jesus name i a lift
Jesus name could a heavy than forklift
Jesus i want i don't want no gift
i work hard for jesus shift after shift
Don't drift


i love Jesus Jesus is my God
faith and love one a my method
my heart don't clad
like the boy king herod
burn violence and all that's bad
Jesus a the door Jesus a the door nob
one God one destiny is not four God
when we sad
Jesus more sad
more Job

Jesus Jesus name i a lift
Jesus name could a heavy than forklift
Jesus i want i don't want no gift
i work hard for jesus shift after shift
Don't drift


into Jesus blood I go bade
use the word a God cut Satan like blade
I don't want no lemonade
i don't want no cool aid
hell fire real it don't have no cool shade
anything I do father God will aid
heaven and earth Jesus he made
Jesus walk earth more than three decade
I don't fraid
Track Name: Jesus word it have to preach

Me jesus appoint
and anoint
Can't disappoint
Jesus word into my head my hearth right down to my toe point.
Jesus word into my joint


Jesus word it have to preach
Jesus will no one cannot breach  speech
it have to preach
Hear me a preach hear me a beseech
i tell each

        Verse 1

Against satan i go plot
Because i am the rock
of lot
The rock of David i am that said rock
The rock of Abednego, Meshach Shadrach
Jesus come on the earth him blood him shed that
So his word i have to spread that
on satan i put the fire red hot
Let us all praise the God of Isaac
Why not


Jesus word it have to preach
Jesus will no one cannot breach  speech
it have to preach
Hear me a preach hear me a beseech
i tell each

             Verse 2

Satan come to destroy kill and all steal
dead without Jesus dog eat you meal
Christ is my shield 
on the battle field
to Jesus Christ you must appeal
i love him with a passion i love him with a zeal
him make the dumb talk the blind man him heal
he bust the seven seal 
it cannot conceal
don't tell me anything Jesus is real kneel
Track Name: Jesus must be first

everyday we have to ask God for forgiveness because everyday we sin
We have to put God before everything
His him roll the thunder and flash the lighting
loosing bottle satan fighting
Jesus Christ i love him I don't like him

  Jesus must be first not second  or third
to meditate on God i don't have to smoke hearb
Have you never heard the lord is my Shepherd
You can change the lepers skin but not the leopard


Like the star into the sky Mr.turn shiny
Satan can't fine me and say because i am tiney
i reguard jesus very highly
The people say they love my stylie
Satan think i am a fool because i smiley smiley


Jesus must be first not second  or third
to meditate on God i don't have to smoke hearb
Have you never heard the lord is my Shepherd
You can change the lepers skin but not the leopard

Verse satan sold us
And a lot a lie satan told us
He don't like how i a move robust
I am not pharaoh i am not lucus
So I see it clear satan is bogus
So i told all the youths to stay focus
listen my chorus

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